Its history:

   In Romane style, it was built in the second half of the 12th century or first half of the 13th. The church was probably damaged during the Wars of Religion. We know this because during the pastoral visit of Vicar Jean de Vallier in 1551, it is described as being in good condition, while barely 50 years later, Nicolas de Villars noted in 1597 that only the choir still had a roof on. The nave was repaired in 1682, when Bishop Jules de Mascaron came to visit; at this time, it had neither vaulting nor panelling. The octagonal cross-section stone cemetery cross appears to date from the 18th century. Deconsecrated in 1792, its cemetery was then transferred to that of the commune of Laugnac In 1836, the chapel was sold to the neighbouring château, and in the second half of the 20th century converted into a farm shed (Mérimée ref. IA47001502).

   When we visited the chapel for the first time, we were seeking to buy somewhere to live. We were introduced to it, and we decided to buy it, conscious that the step we were taking was an original one, materially and spiritually. We haven’t converted a chapel into a house — we are living in a chapel that was built and then restored, just before it was too late, by human toil, by a small team of all ages who learnt a great deal out of this experience, on many different levels.

   After living in it ourselves for three years, we are now offering the possibility for you to stay there yourselves. The chapel is about 200 m away from the rest of the buildings on the property. A big south-facing patio edged with lavender simply invites you to drink in the view across a landscape of fields and orchards, before perhaps going for a stroll in the dappled shade of the rabbit copse, till you come to a promontory overlooking more orchards, inspiring motifs for those who are painters, who will be able to work in the shade of the oak trees. And there are plenty of other walks awaiting you on the rambling trails around Le Roussel.

   You will have the exclusive use of the chapel for the length of your stay. In the chapel vestibule we have created a kitchen/living room with a table seating up to ten. In the gallery, which we’ve enlarged, there’s a bedroom with a double bed, wardrobe space and shelving, a shower-room, and separate toilet. Underneath the gallery, at the entrance to the chapel, we’ve created a couch, facing it is a hanging seat conducive to inspiration. Access to the swimming pool and to a table-tennis table
Large canvas curtains can be used to close this space off from the chapel’s choir, which we’ve kept intact. A place of prayer is always a bringer of peace and harmony. It invigorates us and opens our hearts. Give it a try !